Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holidays in full swing!

Wow! I keep promising myself to be a better blogger and then...I fail miserably. Maybe I will attempt to make that my New Year's Resolution. (That's a great idea Trish!)

Well, we have jumped from Halloween to 2 weeks before Christmas in a flash. Where did the time go? I guess my other resolution should be to stop being so busy all the time. It seems I do nothing, yet I never have any real "free" time. How does that happen?
So, on to Christmas cheer then. Ashlyn has been so very good the past few weeks. Not that she's a bad kid anyway, but she just seems to be caught up in the Christmas cheer that surrounds our home, family and friends this time of year.
We visited Santa last week and this year she wasn't scared at all. She ran right up and hugged him. He loaded her up with lots of toys, of which, she has chosen her favorite and it hasn't left her side since she got it. This is the first time she has really latched on to a toy, so I'm hopeful that it doesn't get lost in her journeys to school, to her Papa and Nana's or to her weekend visits to her dads.
Please enjoy the pictures below of my gorgeous little girl...and I PROMISE to try to post a few more times by years end. PROMISE!!

Visiting the best Santa EVER!

Holding her new toys from Santa.

(A bright yellow poodle, a princess mouse and a reindeer!)

My beautiful girl with her beautiful smile!!

She absolutely LOVES this dog!!

The fireplace awaits Santas arrival.

(Looks a little like E.T. doesn't it?)