Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Ashlyn spent the first half of her day with her dad. When she got home, she was pretty tired but she came home to this.

So what little girl wouldn't be excited right? Yeah, I overdo it. It's what I do. All she wanted from the Easter Bunny was a princess scooter and a princess helmet. She was so happy (yet not surprised) to see that he (she) got the memo. *smile*

We visited my brother for a little while that afternoon. Then we enjoye some ice cream from Dairy Queen and spent the evening at home playing with her new stuff. Have I ever mentioned that she is the sweetest girl EVER? I might be a little biased on that.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Miss Versatility

Is this a title that can be won in a contest? Because my girl has got this down.

Yesterday we spent the day doing yard work. She was busy searching for worms and bugs. Her favorite was the roly poly. She found a lot of them and was so gentle to not squish them, and let them walk around and her arm and hand. She had so much fun with these silly little bugs and even begged me to let her keep one inside, as a pet. I guess I should get her a bug box, so she can enjoy the little critters inside the house, without getting them all over the house. She was filthy, and I mean filthy by the end of the day. Clothes, feet, legs, hand, arm...everything covered in dirt. Hair (which had been in 2 pony tails) was a complete mess. Yep, she was a tomboy from head to toe.

After we completed our yard work for the day, I showered and then gave her a bath. Scrubbed her clean again. She opted to wear her blue Easter dress (which is 1 of 4 dresses she has to wear for Easter this year...yeah, I'm weird). It looked absolutely adorable on her. I braided her wet hair and she looked like she was ready to go to church, or to her castle depending on who you ask. *smile* She then went to show my mom how pretty she was all cleaned up in her pretty dress and with her pretty braid. My mom asked if she wanted to look for bugs again and Ashlyn says, "No, gross! Princesses don't play with bugs! Gross!" It hadn't even been an hour since she was last cooing over her newest roly poly friend. :)

This was the princess...not the tomboy. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Potty Mouth

My precious little princess is the picture of wholesomeness. She is sweet and loving and as funny as they come. However, we have a new problem that I'm not sure how to correct. She has a serious case of potty mouth. I won't say that I don't use curse words when she's in earshot, because she learned her first one from me...but in the scheme of things, I don't feel "Damn!" is completely horrible. However, there are words that I do NOT use when she is anywhere around and that includes the "F" word.

She has picked up learning several of these words and I can't seem to get it through her head that they are not nice words and I don't like to hear them coming out of her mouth. She will be busy playing some imaginary games and I will hear one of these words come of out her mouth and I just stop what I'm doing and look at her, she see's that I've stopped moving and says, "What? I didn't say anything." OR "I love you mom." Thinking either of these sentences is suddenly going to make me unhear what it is she has said. I feel the more I try to convince her NOT to say them, the bigger the problem becomes. I also feel that if I ignore these words, she will think it's okay to use them. I've tried both things and still the words come out of her mouth. *sigh* I fear being the only mom having her child kicked out of preschool for her language.

She will come home from school though and tell me, "Mom, at school I didn't say: shut up, or stupid, or dou**ebag, or jacka**, or fu**ing, or anything, " and smile at me as though she's solved the worlds problems. I'm pretty sure she DID use those words, or she wouldn't have felt it necessary to tell me she did not use them. Oh dear, how to fix this? She's such a sweet girl, and to her they are only words, she has no clue what they mean. I don't think I could ever do the whole "soap in mouth" thing because that's just cruel, I just honestly don't know how to eliminate these words from her ever growing vocabulary. Suggestions?