Monday, June 6, 2011

First meetings...

Jordan and Ashlyn hiding from Jen

Saturday, June 4, 2011, will be a day I don't soon forget, and I'm pretty sure Ashlyn won't either. We FINALLY got to meet Jen and Jordan of Born Just Right and it was AWESOME!!

The girls were a little shy for a couple of minutes, but Ashlyn doesn't let that keep her down for long. She finally approached Jordan and asked her if she wanted to play. She then noticed, and pointed out, that both girls had the same little arm and BAM they were off and running, screaming, giggling and having fun. We also got to meet little Andrew and his family. He's 15 months, so he wasn't of the running and screaming age just yet, but he and his family live close so we are hoping to make a connection there and become friends and supporters very very soon! (In fact, I have their card on my desk to make sure I email them today!).

Andrew and his mom Sarah, Ashlyn and Jordan

The girls enjoyed running around like wild childs throughout the Rainforest Adventure at Crown Center. Anything Jordan did, Ashlyn would mimic and sometimes add a scream or giggle of her own. LOL. It was just so cute!!

Ashlyn and Jordan

I spent a majority of my time trying to chase down Ashlyn, so I didn't get to talk to Jen as much as I would have liked, but we are FB friends and she has that awesome blog that I talk to her on, so I guess it was really all about getting the girls together.

We did have an awesome chat with Kevin Carroll though. He helped build a helper tail for Winter the Dolphin and though he was out of animals and books at the time, he promised to send Ashlyn one soon (another email and/or phone call I need to make today). He was such a nice person and loved talking to the girls even though they were easily distracted.

Such and amazing visit with such incredible people. I'm so excited about entering a new world of contacts and connections with these families. I'm not passionate about too many things in life, but the one thing that I'm very passionate about is my daughter and giving her memories, friendships and connections that will last a lifetime!!!

One of the fountains at Crown Center