Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Potty Mouth

My precious little princess is the picture of wholesomeness. She is sweet and loving and as funny as they come. However, we have a new problem that I'm not sure how to correct. She has a serious case of potty mouth. I won't say that I don't use curse words when she's in earshot, because she learned her first one from me...but in the scheme of things, I don't feel "Damn!" is completely horrible. However, there are words that I do NOT use when she is anywhere around and that includes the "F" word.

She has picked up learning several of these words and I can't seem to get it through her head that they are not nice words and I don't like to hear them coming out of her mouth. She will be busy playing some imaginary games and I will hear one of these words come of out her mouth and I just stop what I'm doing and look at her, she see's that I've stopped moving and says, "What? I didn't say anything." OR "I love you mom." Thinking either of these sentences is suddenly going to make me unhear what it is she has said. I feel the more I try to convince her NOT to say them, the bigger the problem becomes. I also feel that if I ignore these words, she will think it's okay to use them. I've tried both things and still the words come out of her mouth. *sigh* I fear being the only mom having her child kicked out of preschool for her language.

She will come home from school though and tell me, "Mom, at school I didn't say: shut up, or stupid, or dou**ebag, or jacka**, or fu**ing, or anything, " and smile at me as though she's solved the worlds problems. I'm pretty sure she DID use those words, or she wouldn't have felt it necessary to tell me she did not use them. Oh dear, how to fix this? She's such a sweet girl, and to her they are only words, she has no clue what they mean. I don't think I could ever do the whole "soap in mouth" thing because that's just cruel, I just honestly don't know how to eliminate these words from her ever growing vocabulary. Suggestions?


Meg said...

uh oh!! That is such a dilemma!

Gavin has picked up a few bad words too. He said the "f" word several times, but I decided to ignore it. I was afraid if I told him it was not a nice word it would make it all that more appealing to use, especially when he was upset with us. It seemed to work because he hasn't said it in a long time so I'm hoping he forgot about it (until he hears it again I'm sure).

We went through a really long phase of him always telling us to "Go away!" when he was mad or even just randomly. I think maybe if we had ignored it from the beginning, it wouldn't have become such a big issue. But also, you don't want to ignore these things sometimes because then you feel like you're sending the message that its ok to say that.

Sorry for randomly, and really not helping at all, but I just wanted to say that I feel for you. It is really a hard thing to deal with! Especially when it comes from the mouths of our sweet little babies! Good luck!

Trisha (Ashlyn's Adoring Mommy) said...

LOL. Well, at least I know I'm not alone. :) I guess I'm just going to have to keep trying different things until something works and then use that as long as I can until its effect wears off (like time out has).

It really is hard to decide what to do when they are just so incredibly cute and sweet 95% of the time anyway...it just makes me sad to think about a real punishment (like soap or hot sauce) because that's just not how I parent. But I also don't want her growing up thinking these words are okay to use. *sigh*


Meg said...

How ironic is it that the same day I wrote that comment, Gavin came home from daycare and said the "F" word! I said "pardon?" and he said it again and then laughed! I asked him who said that and he named a kid from daycare. I talked to his teacher and she was shocked. Said she has never heard any of them say it. He hasn't said it since but I'm sure it will come out at just the perfect time! LOL

Trisha (Ashlyn's Adoring Mommy) said...

Oh no!!! Maybe I cursed you. LOL. What I really hate is that is sounds so innocent when it comes out of their cute little faces...but not cute enough to let them get away with saying it. :)

Here's to hoping we don't have potty mouths that turn into soapy mouths. :)