Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ashlyn's First Snow Angels

I love snow. I really do. I'm not a fan of the super cold temps that seem to go along with it, but snow...I heart it! Apparently Ashlyn does as well. She was SOOOO excited when we FINALLY got enough snow fall on Monday (1-9-11) to go out in her snow suit and make some real snow angels. She has been practicing for this day all year long.

This was actually the first time I really let her get out there and play in it. And play she did. She made about 50 snow angels in all. She also liked licking the snow off of pretty much everything that had snow on it. She attempted to lick the snow off a metal fence and I think I startled her pretty good when I caught her, tongue out, headed to the metal pole and with me screaming...NOT THE POLE! Oh gosh, I could just see me freaking out while my poor daughter has her tongue stuck to a pole. We narrowly missed that panic moment. *wiping forehead*

Here are a few pictures of her enjoying the only snow we've had this year. The first picture made the local news!!! She's a celebrity!!

Catching snowflakes on her tongue. (My FAVORITE picture!)

A REAL Snow Angel!

A wet snowbaby bum (after the snow angel).

Licking snow off a rock.

I wish we could all enjoy the snow as much as children do. *smiles* Stay safe and warm everyone!!