Monday, January 3, 2011

Holidays...Welcome 2011!

The holidays have, sadly, come to an end. We enjoyed so much time with friends and family. Ashlyn, of course, enjoyed Santa's visit. As you can see, she was obviously a very good girl.

Waiting to Open Presents

The Aftermath
We spent NYE at home. This was a treat because this would normally be her time with her dad. But he had made other plans that weren't really "kid friendly", so I gladly stayed home with her and enjoyed making cakes in her new Easy Bake Oven (which were horrible) and drinking from our new fancy glasses (filled with Cherry 7-Up and garnished with an orange slice, pink straw and umbrellas). We ate junk food and stayed up til midnight to watch the countdown. This was her first New Year to make it all the way to midnight. Woo hoo!!

Sad little Easy Bake Cakes with pretty drinks

CHEERS to the New Year!! Welcome 2011!

Our NYE Entertainment. Rocking Princess Ashlyn!!

I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season. I pray the New Year will bring you many blessings! Happy New Year to you all!!