Monday, April 5, 2010

A Wonderful Easter

Ashlyn had a terrific Easter this year. She spent the first half of the day with her dad and his family. Then she got to spend the second half of the day with me and my family. She was all about the hunting of Easter eggs this year too. Isobella (her 2nd cousin) got to enjoy her first Easter egg hunting as well.

We colored eggs earlier in the week, but somehow they were still leaking colors onto our hands during the hunting festivities. It has all washed off, so there is another thing to be thankful for. *smiles*

I love this holiday. It marks the true beginning of Spring. The air is warmer, the grass is getting greener (by the hour it seems), the flowers are starting to blossom and it's just a great holiday.

Here are few pictures of our Easter day activities.


Not a Granny said...

Gorgeous set of girls there!! Looks like they both had a lot of fun. Sure glad your weather cleared up!!

Trisha (Ashlyn's Adoring Mommy) said...

I have a feeling that my niece (Isobella's mom) and I are in for a lot of trouble as these girls grow up. :)

The weather was perfection...I'm super glad that it cleared up. It stormed like crazy yesterday morning and we are in for another round tonight. Glad Easter came and went without weather issues!!