Monday, May 3, 2010

Ashlynisms - #2

Although my sarcastic 2 year old had many clever things to inform me of this week, I chose one that really stuck in my mind. Enjoy.

Ashlyn - Mommy, I found a baby for you.

Me - Really. Wow. Thank you.

Ashlyn - *hands me a very tiny imaginary fit in one hand*

Me - *put my hand to my mouth as if I were tossing back a handful of M&M's*

Ashlyn - MOMMY! *heavy sigh and hand on her hip* SPIT THAT OUT!! You don't eat the baby!

Me - *spitting out the imaginary baby* Sorry, I didn't know.

Ashlyn - You go TIME OUT!! *pointing to the corner with another heavy sigh and hand back on hip*

She's so darn cute!! :)