Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Growing up...

My little girl is getting to be a big girl so fast that I fear blinking and missing something. She is a girl that knows what she wants and conquers whatever goal I set for her to get what she wants.

Not long after turning 2 I geared up for the big potty training adventures. I bought her new pretty underwear and let her know as soon as she started going on the big potty consistently she would be able to wear the pretty underwear and get rid of diapers forever. It took approximately 1 week for her to make the decision final and that was that. Now almost a year later and she has had 4 "accidents" and 2 of those were within the first month.

Now she is quickly coming up on 3 years old. She still had her "binky" (pacifier) and I was sure this was going to be an incredibly hard thing for her to give up. About a month ago I started telling her, "Your birthday is coming up and when you turn 3 you'll be a big girl and there won't be anymore binky...BUT we can get your ears pierced!" I would repeat this every time she made the request (a.k.a. demand) for her binky. One week ago Saturday she came home from her dad's house and looked in need of a nap. We were laying on my bed talking when she said, "I don't need this anymore", pulled her binky out, went to her room and threw it away. I was stunned but praised her for finally getting rid of it and reminded her that one week without it would result in her ears being pierced just like me.

She gave in to temptation a couple of times over the next couple of days, but spit each one in the trash for something else she wanted. Then, it was just done. Gone. Forgotten. The following Saturday she got her ears pierced and was the happiest girl alive. Since then, not even the mention of the binky.

In less than one short year she has gone from my tiny baby girl to my little girl. I still steal hugs and kisses every chance I get though.