Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I was born this way.....

I know that I probably shouldn't find satisfaction in this story...but c' kid isn't going to take any poop from anyone and I'm proud of her for that!!

Ashlyn recently went to a birthday party for her BFF. She was so excited to see her again as she has recently transferred out of Ashlyn's daycare, and they were BEST friends. I, unfortunately, did not get to attend as I had a family medical issue that took me out of town, so this story was told to me by one of Ashlyn's teachers that attended the party also.

Ashlyn was having a blast with all the girls at the party. Playing, swimming, running, eating, know, being a complete girl. *smile*

While playing another little girl came up and asked Ashlyn what happened to her arm. Ashlyn gave the standard, "I was born this way" response. That apparently wasn't good enough for the little girl. So she asked what happened to it. Ashlyn responded again, "I was born this way. Do you want to play?" The little girl seemed scared of Ashlyn's little arm and said, "No, you're missing your arm." Ashlyn responded again, "Yeah, I was born this way. Will you play with me?" The little girl didn't want anything to do with Ashlyn and her "missing arm" so she began to back off and try to get away from her. Well, my kid doesn't take kindly to being told no...and most certainly not for something as silly as her arm, so she began chasing the other little girl, hitting her with her little arm and yelling, "BUT I WAS BORN THIS WAY!" repeatedly. Hahahahahaha!

Okay, okay, I know that I shouldn't encourage that type of behavior. I never encourage hitting anyone. But sometimes, well, this is what it takes for others to see there is NOTHING wrong with my kid. To me, she is beyond perfection.


Not a Granny said...

That is great!! She is an amazing girl!!!

Trisha (Ashlyn's Adoring Mommy) said...

:) Thanks. I think so too, but I'm also pretty sure I'm 100% biased.

Nikki said...

Loved reading this! I kept hearing Lady Gaga's song, "Born This Way" in my head as I read it in your blog!

Way to go, Ashlyn! She's a rock star! <3

Trisha (Ashlyn's Adoring Mommy) said...

LOL. She is pretty awesome! :)