Monday, August 8, 2011

Going back to Hanger Prosthetics

This week is going to be an exiciting one. Ashlyn and I will be going to back to Hanger Prosthetics to have her cast and measured for her new myoelectric arm (with a "cookie crusher") and swim arm. I cannot wait. I'm hopeful that these will be less cumbersome than her current arm with the harness and that she will find them as useful tools in accomplishing everyday tasks. Actually she already does everything she needs to do, but I want her to know these "tools" make make some things I know it will also make some tasks more difficult until she really learns how to use this.

I am also hopeful that our insurance is going to be covering this at 100% (after my co-pay). I've been told by the insurance company (via email so I have it in writing) that it will be. But, I've also heard numerous other parents complain that insurance doesn't cover it. I know that where there's a will, there's a way (Ashlyn is living proof of that)...I just don't feel like I should have to fight for my daughter to have something that most people are born with. I will, in necessary, don't get me wrong. I just don't think I should HAVE to. We'll see how it goes and I hope that no fighting with the insurance is required. *fingers crossed*

In other news (pun intended)...Ashlyn will be featured in our local newspaper, The Lee's Summit Journal ( We interviewed with the journalist (Mr. Roberts) yesterday and her article should be in the paper this Wednesday. I kind of talked in circles (as I'm not regularly interviewed) but our focus was on Limb Difference awareness, insurance, technology advancements in prosthetics over the years and Ashlyn's new favorite friend, Winter the Dolphin (as the movie will be coming out in just a few short weeks).

Lots of exciting things going on. Hopefully I'll have more news this week on her new arm and when you may be seeing another photo shoot to show them off. :)