Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The New Arms are fantastic!!

We finally made it to the end of the process...well almost. We picked up Ashlyn's new helper arms yesterday.

She has a new PINK swim arm which is lightweight and, of course, waterproof. Now we just have to find a good indoor pool to give a try. She really likes this one since it will help her swim and she has and incredible interest in Winter the Dolphin right now, so she totally sees the benefit of this one. Though, I must say, she is quite and incredible swimmer without it. I think she maybe a candidate for a swim team already. She's amazing!

Dr. Keith told her about the pink dolphins and we are excited to learn more about them too. Hmmm...maybe she will be a dolphin trainer some day. That would be okay with this momma!

We also got her new myoelectric arm. Wow. It's fantastic!

It will take quite a bit of adjusting and practic to operate it, but I think she'll get the hang of it in no time. It's a little heavier than the swim arm but once she learns to use it as a tool, I have a feeling she will become a super user.

She learns things so fast (like how to work my phone, how to navigate the internet and computer games) that I think this new helper arm will be a breeze to learn.

We are going to start Occupational Therapy as well, so that might give her an added incentive and insight on how to use it and how it can benefit her in some activities.

Hanger Prosthetics has been absolutely fabulous to work with. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend them to anyone that needs prosthetics or orthotics. Our appointments were easy and fun. We really liked the prothetist (Dr. Keith) we worked with also. In fact, the entire office team was great. So fortunate to be able to do this, and close to home. Very thankful to everyone that had a part in making this happen for Ashlyn. She's going to do amazing things!!


Not a Granny said...

She will get the hang of them real quick!! She looks great!