Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4 - Hollywood Studios and Relaxing

We decided to venture to Hollywood Studios on Friday. We got a late start to the day as it was raining first thing in the morning. We decided that we would take it easy. No need to rush around ALL the time. So we ordered room service for breakfast and ate on our balcony. We watched people walking around the courtyard with umbrellas and ponchos. Yep, no reason to rush anywhere with the rain.

We finally made it to Hollywood Studios around 11am. The rain had stopped and the sun was shining once again. We wandered aimlessly for a little while and then found that we would be able to meet Mickey at one of the locations we were planning to head to a little later. We went ahead and made our way there. We didn't have to stand in line too terribly long....considering it was Mickey and all.

We did go to the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" attraction, but Ashlyn took off like a bolt and I couldn't catch her. It terrified me everytime I could just catch a glimpse of her up ahead of me, but due to the other children and parents I couldn't actually reach her. Finally I caught up with her at the bottom of the slide and drug her out of the play area. She threw a humdinger of a fit and I felt bad for making her leave, but I panicked at the thought of her getting separated from me and not being able to find her. So after a several minute fued, we found some snow that she got excited about.

No, not real snow...not even soft snow. As a matter of fact, when she fell on it her knees got pretty scraped up which began another crying fit. Man, oh man. It was time to head back to the hotel. As we made our way back through it appeared to be an epidemic. 6 out of 10 children where screaming and crying. We all just shared the knowing look and smile. I guess it was just that time of day. Time to head back to the hotel. Yay!

There was a lot going on at the hotel that evening. We grabbed dinner and then headed to the beach (sand beach on Buena Vista Lake). We roasted marshmallows and then got to sit back in chaise lounge chairsand watch a movie (Mars Needs Moms) on the beach. When the movie ended we moved to another part of beach where you can see the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom. That was pretty neat.

Then we saw a line of boats. Then we heard them playing fun carnival type music. They were all dark except a single green light on their bow. They stopped infront us and then they light up with animals made of lights. It was parade of lights on the water. How cool is that? When the animal song ended, then the lights changed to stars and american flags. Very very neat. Glad we didn't miss that.

Ashlyn played with a new friend for a while on the beach and playground while mom and visited with her parents. Then it was off to bed. We were meeting friends the next day at Epcot! Yay!

Pedometer Steps: 10, 126)