Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 6 - On our way back home.

Sadly, Sunday, October 6, 2011 marks the end of our time in Florida.

We woke up late again. No reason to rush to the airport today. I gave Ashlyn a much needed bath after her princess makeover left her hair a bit stiff...and glittery.

We all got ready to go. Had our bags delivered to the airport and enjoyed one last lunch at the resort. We had no idea that we almost missed our bus, but we made it just in time.

We were headed to the airport at 1:30 pm. When we got to the airport, Ashlyn found one more princess to have her picture taken with. She doesn't miss a princess. *smile*

She also found a nice big giraffe at the Sea World shop.
Giraffe's are one of her favorite animals so we HAD to take a picture.

From there we made our way through security and waited for our plane. Ashlyn was getting a bit cranky and finally fell asleep on moms lap about 30 minutes before our plane was ready to load. I was hoping that meant she would sleep quite a bit on the plane. No such luck.

We arrived in Kansas City around 6 pm. My uncle met us at the airport and we headed home.

We thoroughly enjoyed this trip. Mom, Ashlyn and I got to spend a lot of quality time together. This is a trip that none of us will soon forget.

(Pedometer Steps: 8,670 - A mostly "sitting and waiting day")

P.S. By the time I got to work on Monday it seemed like it had never happened.