Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Florida Bound - Day 1 (The Flightmare!)

Prepare yourself for a daily recap of our adventures. I know I'll probably bore you silly, but this is going to act as my journal as well. So read on...lots of fun and excitement is ahead. *smile*

On October 25, 2011, Ashlyn, my mom and I headed out early to KCI. Arriving just a little after 8 am for a 9:25am flight. Upon our arrival there was an incredibly long line for our terminal. We had no idea what was going on. My Uncle Frank (my mom's brother) was dropping us off. We piled out of the car with all our our luggage, carry-on's and car seat. It was no small feat just carrying this stuff to the end of the line. He went on his way and there we stood. Not moving. Finally getting the news that the terminal had lost power much earlier in the morning. The only flights affected were Southwest and Delta. Oh yeah, that would be us (Southwest). About 45 minutes of standing in line not moving we were advised by an overhead sound system (Where did they get the power to operate that annoying thing? *shrug*) that the power would be out for some time and we should reschedule any morning flights.

Awesome. Stuck in line with 3 suitcases, 3 carry-on's, a car seat, and an anxious 4 year old. We finally did get our flight rescheduled. From 9:25 am to 6:10 pm. We went from a straight through flight to having to land in Nashville for a connecting flight. We also went from arriving in Orlando at 1pm to arriving at 12:10am. Oh yeah. This was a great way to start Ashlyn's first big trip ever. Let's just say by the time we made the arrangement my nerves were already shot and I had 6 days to go. *joy*

We made our second flight at 6:10 (it was slightly delayed) but at least we were on our way. Finally.

We had to make arrangements (VERY last minute) through the travel agent for transportation from the airport to our hotel. We were staying Wilderness Lodge - a Disney Deluxe Resort...and the buses stopped running just before our arrival. We were instead provided a limo to our hotel. Oh yeah, we were treated like royalty. Ashlyn is an excellent traveler on planes. She enjoyed every minute of it.

We arrived at our hotel at 1am so our first day was filled with travel. We were tired yet still excited as heck. We had to get some sleep in before the next day. It was going to be a BIG day of travelling to Clearwater to meet Winter the Dolphin face to face (literally)! Stay tuned!!!


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